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IN ACCORDANCE WITH  Florida Statue Title XL, 718 (Condominiums), paragraph (12),(c),5 … “Notwithstanding the restrictions in this subparagraph, an association may print and distribute to parcel owners a directory containing the name, parcel address, and all telephone numbers of each parcel owner. However, an owner may exclude his or her telephone numbers from the directory by so requesting in writing to the association. An owner may consent in writing to the disclosure of other contact information described in this subparagraph.”

Without such a signed Consent, a Venture III Directory containing Unit Number, Name, telephone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses of owners, who have not consented in writing, is not permitted to be published and distributed

Several years ago, in 2011, many Venture III owners signed consent forms permitting the publication of personal information in a Venture III directory. This information included Unit number, Name, Telephone numbers, E-Mail addresses, and northern/summer addresses.

Based on these authorizations, an on-line directory has been created utilizing the master records in the Venture III office. This on-line directory uses the information originally provided by the owner at the time of purchase or subsequent update. These owners will have an “X” displayed next to their record.

Not all owners have completed authorization forms. As a result, only their Unit number and Name will be included in the directory. There will be NO “X” on their record.

                   Owners are requested to review the information in the directory for accuracy.

                     1.  All information is correct and authorization is granted – NO ACTION REQUIRED

                  2. Unit Owner would like to have information published – COMPLETE AUTH LETTER 

                  3. Unit Owner would like to have information updated – COMPLETE AUTH LETTER 

                  4. Unit Owner would like to REVOKE published information - COMPLETE REVOCATION LETTER



A Renters Directory will be at the Bottom 


                                 Owners Directory in Name Sequence



                                Owners Directory in LOT Sequence

                                      Renters Directory in Name Sequence


                                  Renters Directory in LOT Sequence